Vitiligo Support International Inc. (VSI) is a patient driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering a comprehensive resource of vitiligo education, research and awareness for those whose lives have been affected by vitiligo.

We are here to address your questions and concerns and help you connect with our community. You will find the hope, support and healing that can only be offered by those who understand best - those who have walked in your shoes.

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The products, services, and companies on the Vitiligo Support International, Inc. (VSI) website, including, but not limited to, this page, are provided for the benefit of our members and visitors in order to provide information about various products and services available for those with vitiligo. VSI does not endorse or guarantee any products or services displayed or listed on this page or elsewhere on our website. You should always consult your physician or health care professional before undertaking any treatment, medication or supplement.

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