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Different Types of Vitiligo


  • Focal: This type is characterized by one or more areas of pigment loss in a confined area.
  • Segmental: This type manifests as one or more areas of pigment loss on only one side of the body. It occurs most commonly in children.This type of vitiligo is not associated with thyroid or other autoimmune disorders.
  • Mucosal: Mucous membranes alone are affected.


  • Acrofacial: Depigmentation occurs on parts away from the center of the body such as face, head, hands and feet.
  • Vulgaris: This is characterized by scattered patches that are widely distributed.
  • Mixed: Acrofacial and vulgaris vitiligo occur in combination, or segmental and acrofacial vitiligo and/or vulgaris involvement are noted in combination.
  • Universal: This is complete or nearly complete depigmentation.


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